NuEra Nutraceuticals Inc - Contact Manufacturers for Nutraceuticals Products

Pharmaceutical business firms rely on contract manufacturers for quality heath supplements, medicines and other drugs.

NuEra Nutra is one of the known names and leads the market of contract manufacturers across Canada. You can make the most of our expertise in medicine manufacturing, developing dietary supplements and other drugs.


We make sure that all our products are manufactured in strict adherence to federal and global regulations. We comply with the cGMP guidelines and ensure that the final products undergo several quality check points. In addition, we are licensed by the Health Canada NHPD dispatching safe, effective and high quality health supplements.


We have invested heavily on our Research and Development to excel as one of the most reliable contract manufacturing services provider. Our R&D activities ensure our products are preferred choice of our clients. We use advanced technology and procedures in stability testing before delivering a product to the end users ensuring that it is up to the benchmark.


Our expert research team and sophisticated technology combine to create a wide range of effective medicines and health supplements. Our services include tablet packaging and labeling of drugs, encapsulation and custom formulations.


Encapsulation is the technique of enclosing drugs inside capsules, when tablet form can compromise their properties or efficacy. Technology has changed the dimensions of drug manufacturing. We use modern machines and advanced technology for drug manufacturing drugs with effective absorption inside human body.

With encapsulation, we manipulate the properties of drugs and medicines to ensure controlled release inside human body.

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